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New Promise for Port Drivers Historic Union Victory in Los Angeles

APRIL 26, 2012

New Promise for Port Drivers
Historic Union Victory in Los Angeles

In an era of defeat and decline for the labor movement, path breaking organizing victories are rare. Union activity in these times is more likely to revolve around defensive battles than conquering new territory or reclaiming ground that was lost decades ago.

A Huge Struggle … And Then a Concessionary Contract: LONGVIEW: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Excerpt from the Maritime Worker Monitor, Issue #11, March 14, 2012

Longview Local 21 longshore workers waged the biggest, boldest battle against union-busting in the U.S. in decades. It was a fight against EGT, the giant grain company, that refused to abide by the port agreement to hire ILWU longshoremen, a conflict for ILWU jurisdiction and a contract. We kept our jurisdiction but got shackled with the worst concessionary contract ever. No wonder the contract, negotiated by attorneys, hasn’t been voted on by the membership. For a month it’s been the best kept secret (by EGT and ILWU tops) on the West Coast waterfront, where scuttlebutt is usually free flowing. MWM just got a copy of the contract.

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Let the Local 21 membership read it and decide. That’s their right. And it’s all longshore workers’ right to see it because it affects the whole Coast, not just for upcoming grain negotiations but the PCLCD in 2014. A Longshore Caucus must be called over this sellout.

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