Rising like a Phoenix...literally!

Greetings comrades and/or fellow workers!

You may have noticed that this website has been offline for a day or two and now that it is back it seems completely different. Essentially it is.

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What happened is that our web hosting provider experienced a worst case scenario. The server which hosted our web site (and several others) which was located in Dallas, TX experienced a freak fire which wiped out all of our files as well as the server which contained the backups. Unfortunately this means that all of our archives were lost.

The good news is, however, we were planning to upgrade this site from a five-year-old version of our Drupal content management system to the lastest version. Our webhosts did this for us free of charge, and so we have a chance to start fresh. This website will be far more functional, far more simple, and far more user friendly than its predecessor.

There will be a period of adjustment, but this should not last too long. Please stay tuned and address any questions to admin [at] transportworkers.org. Thank you for your patience in this matter.