Honor commitments made to American Airlines retirees

Honor commitments made to American Airlines retirees
Petitioning Chairman and CEO, American Airlines Doug Parker and 1 other
Honor commitments made to American Airlines retirees

Greg Liebman Round Lake Park, IL

Since assuming your role as CEO of the "new' American Airlines, you have been relentless in your pursuit of dismantling the benefits and financial security that American employees worked 20, 30 or more years to achieve. Starting with your attempts to terminate the Company commitment to retiree health benefits, and now with your inexplicable campaign to take away cost-neutral flight benefits, it has become increasingly clear that your promises of inclusionary discussions regarding any changes to employee benefits were both empty and hypocritical. Recently published proxy information made available to stockholders reveals that while retirees with decades of dedicated service are being told that their travel benefits will be slashed in number and priority for boarding, non-employee Board Members who have served as few as five years, ( in what is essentially a financially lucrative but operationally insignificant part-time figurehead position), will receive lifetime, confirmed systemwide First Class travel----in addition to complimentary Admirals Club memberships and Executive Platinum frequent flier status. And, just to add further insult.....this perk---possibly worth millions of dollars over a lifetime, is extended to their family members as well! The success, indeed the very possibility, of the merger of US Airways and American Airlines came about only because of the support you received from legacy American Airlines employees. Those employees deserve the respect and support you promised, and honoring the service of present and future retirees is a good place for you to start.
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