TWU AA Mechanics Speak Out! "I've been bankrupt, I've been sold, I've been traded and now I've been betrayed"


TWU AA Mechanics Speak Out! "I've been bankrupt, I've been sold, 

I've been traded and  now I've been betrayed"


TWU Mechanics Reactions to the July 23rd, 2012 LBO Version 2.0

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Some system mechanics tell what they feel is wrong with the new LBO version 2.0.
American can use this latest contract offer to try many different levels of maintenance. In the beginning overhaul will be safe as AA would need to develop overhaul relations. The six year contract will allow AA to build those relationships while allowing the companies acquiring the contract to staff themselves according to American's needs. At that point AA will most likely follow it's peers and rid themselves of overhaul. They will also feel their way around with outsourcing contract line maintenance. If you think this story is fabrication well it is and it isn't. It is a scenario a very real scenario that can be played out with this new LBO version 2.0. Understand this LBO version 2 will protect you no better or worse than abrogation. The differences are it is easier to fix something you have been voting down than when you have agreed to it. If other companies have removed overhaul then with this new LBO so can AA. Please vote wisely not out of hatred for union locals or members. Remember no matter what, we are all playing for the same team but they will make you think otherwise some inside the union which are the most dangerous and some outside the union which are more common and plentiful. Good Luck with your choices we hope you make the one that will keep us fighting.