Some AA TWU Local Leaders Fed Up With Concession Contract With Company Having $5 Billion In Bank


Some AA TWU Local Leaders Fed Up With Concession Contract With Company Having $5 Billion In Bank

July 23, 2012 Last Best Offer Version 2.0 - is it a disgrace?.. Local Presidents Inform Urgent


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July 23,2012
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American is pushing this contract to capture the last 600 votes required to ratify but before you decide, understand if you cannot live with your salary now then that 15% will never help you and never mind in the next 6 years plus 3 years in addition negotiations. The choice is yours fight for you craft or destroy it. We will stand behind each other during this struggle that is where we will remain strongest "In Solidarity".

Last Best Offer Version 2.0 Topic Time Line: (Just click on the blue numbers to jump)
1. Bob Owens Intro 00:18
2. What happens if I vote NO 00:50
3. What Happens if I vote YES 01:32
4. Why did I become an AC Mechanic 02:09
5. Al Blackman 1st appearance 03:23
6. Why this is the worst time to ratify a rotten deal & the shortage of A&P's03:50
7. What the company's objective is 05:06
8. Jorge Rojas the President of Local 561 and his view (OOVOO video stream) 09:21
9. Outsourcing Aircraft maintenance 11:54
10. John T. Ruiz President of Local 564 and his view (OOVOO video stream)13:11
11. The risk of acceptance and rejection 15:35
12. (Early opener) clause 17:54
13. (Me Too) clause 18:21
14. Won't we receive a 15% wage increase 19:00
15. Consequences of giving the company what they want 19:39
16. What if the pilots reject their contract 21:50
17. Brian McMahon Vice President Local 510 & his view(OOVOO video stream) 23:10
18. Bob Owens summary 24:06
19. Wage Reopener and Adjustment Letter 25:51
20. Al Blackman & Steve Gukelberger F.S.T. of Local 562 share their view27:06