SFO Latest Protest Target For TWU American Airlines Mechanics Fighting For A Fair Contract

SFO Latest Protest Target For TWU American Airlines Mechanics Fighting For A Fair Contract



American Airlines aircraft maintenance and ground support workers rallied this week at San Francisco International Airport. The protest is the latest in a series of huge pickets at major American Airlines hubs since July calling for a fair contract that doesn’t outsource jobs overseas.

The protest was organized by Brian Parker of Transport Workers Union Local 513:

[Brian Parker]: “This campaign’s all about outsourcing American jobs. They’re outsourcing safety and security, simply put. They’re sending our jobs to China and Chile and Brazil, and we simply can’t allow that to happen. There’s nothing more un-American than outsourcing our work. They made a billion and a half dollars this last quarter and what’s really sad is the sacrifices these employees have made to keep these planes in the air and keep them safe. There’s no other reason for them to be outsourcing this work other than greed.”

Parker says overseas workers are not subject to the same level of oversight as US workers, threating safety and security for the American public. Members of several TWU locals were joined on the picket line by members of other unions, including the APFA, CWA-AFA, IAM and Teamsters.

The union’s 30,000 mechanics have been negotiating a contract with the airline for nearly two years and are still working under a bankruptcy contract from 2011 after taking numerous concessions from the company.

Jennifer Platt is President of TWU Local 505:

[Jennifer Platt]: “I’m proud that I work for American Airlines, but I’m not proud of the way they’re acting towards us now. They’re not bargaining fairly at the table. They’re just not playing ball. So, we’re out here to tell Doug Parker, tell the negotiators for American Airlines: we’re not gonna take it! We’re strong. We’re unified. We want a contract that we deserve.”

Thanks to the Labor Video Project, laborvideo.org, for this audio.

The full video is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2QmlAZagj0&feature=youtu.be