Turkish Airline Workers Go On Strike despite "ban"


Turkish Airline Workers Go On Strike despite "ban"



THY cancels 104 flights

Turkish Airlines (THY) made an announcement on Tuesday that they had cancelled some 104 flights. The cancellations occurred due to a strike, and the flights included some destinations in Europe, Zurich, Odessa, Zagreb, and Paris flights were hit by the strike…


29.05.2012 13:22

The strike took place before an attempt of ban of strikes in aviation industry by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM). A number of Turkish Airlines cabin attendants at Ataturk Airport protested against the attempt, and caused the cancellation of some 104 flights.

The cancellations was announced in a THY press release on Tuesday, which branded the strike as ‘illegal’. Some victims of the flights cancellations also reacted to cancellations at the airport. The passengers whose flights were cancelled have been placed to hotels around the airport.