3/31 SF Meeting-Which Way for The ILWU- Militant Unionism or Business Unionism?

Which Way for The ILWU-
Militant Unionism or Business Unionism?
* Hear ILWU Activists Speak on the Recent Longshore Contract Negotiations
* Open Discussion on the Tentative Agreement
* Longshore Members & Caucus delegates invited
WHEN: Tuesday, March 31, 7PM
WHERE: First Unitarian Universalist Church
1187 Franklin St., SF
(Facing ILWU International Headquarters)
ILWU members stop scab grain train in Longview
The ILWU has a proud history of class struggle and the fight for democratic principles codified in the Ten Guiding Principles of the ILWU. Today ILWU officials flaunt these union principles, using top down control to direct longshore workers to cross picket lines and keep contract negotiations secret while the PMA gives the contract to the maritime employers’ Journal Of Commerce. This contract
PMA head McKenna and ILWU Pres McEllrath both get Shippers’ Award.
gives employers a free hand to automate without counter demands of shorter shifts tied to wage in- creases and follows on the tail of the concessionary grain contracts at EGT and the Northwest Grain agreements. Left unchecked, it will gut ILWU’s coastwide power and bury the last militant union in the U.S.
Anthony Leviege, activist member ILWU Local 10
Stacey Rodgers, Executive Board member ILWU Local 10
Jack Mulcahy*, member ILWU Local 8 Portland, grain negotiator
Dan Coffman*, former president of Longview ILWU Local 21
Howard Keylor, retired member of ILWU Local 10, an organizer of the historic 1984 longshore
anti-Apartheid strike
Jack Heyman, retired member of ILWU Local 10, organizer of militant port actions
(* speaking via skype)
Organized by the Transport Workers Solidarity Committee (www.transportworkers.org)
For information: (415) 282-1908 Labor Donated